Nov 29 2012
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What are your Custom Setups ?

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Hi all,

 Just wondering what everyone uses for their Custom setups ... like what do you have as a second weapon with a Sniper Rifle. Also, do you use the perks, or use those spots to add more Equips to weapons?

 I'm asking due to the fact that I see a lot of people (higher levels) with the Throwing Axe equipped.

And WHY are people using Suppressors??? they make your weapon 'weaker'. Or is there a reason for this that makes it logical?


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Re: What are your Custom Setups ?

Nov 29, 2012

My most used class is:


M27 w/ suppressor and target finder

bouncing betty

black hat

blind eye

cold blooded

dexterity and engineer

perk 3 greed


It works well for me in hardcore search. I rarely use a sniper but if I did I'd have to use overkill because I cannot use pistols, haven't been able to use them since cod4 lol.


Haven't seen too many people using the throwing axe myself and people use suppressors to stay hidden on the mini map  Smiley Wink

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