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Registered: 12/06/2009
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Re: What Kind Of Players Do You Consider A Noob....

Jul 24, 2010


leukoplast wrote:

People who are noobs (not just my opinion) are as follows.


- Stopping power users

- UMP users

- Snipers (quick-scopers,  no-scopers and just regular snipers)

- Anybody who uses marathon, lightweight or commando (all together or separately)

- Scrambler users

- Sitrep users

- Sleight of hand users

- Run-n-gunners

- Knife-runners

- Tactical knife users

- Uses any shotgun

- Uses any shotgun in akimbo

- Anybody who rage quits

- Anybody who gets almost as many or more deaths than kills per match.

- Anybody who prestiges past 3

- Anybody who doesn't vote to skip a FFA match in BB's

- Anybody who likes Scrapyard, Rust, Wasteland, Trailer Park, Estate, and Rundown maps.



Well, that's about it for now  I will edit when I think of more (there is a lot more).


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