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Tranzit Guide

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Many of my friends have played the new Zombies, failed, and searched for new ways to try and survive.  Just so you know, I will be informing you on how to run trains/save up points for worthy guns. 


To start with, DO NOT USE THE DINER PEICE ON THE BUS.  If you do, the game isn't going to last NEARLY as far as it can.  Kill the zombies in the room, but don't leave.  At the end of round one, make sure everyone has made the turbine.  One peice is next to the door, the other is on the big structure in the middle of the room, and the last on is on the bookshelf.  Now, leave and check to the right for any peices.  Apply the peices to the bus (unless you were lucky enough to snag the diner peice.)


Stay here.  Don't get on the bus/open the doors until about round four.  Rack up some points. 


Now, run or take the bus to the second location.  Once you get inside of the tunnel, look for a large body of lava; as the bus drives over this, get off the bus, snag the M16, and get right back on the bus.  Now, use the mystery box (unless you have rotten luck with it.  If you do, save 1,000 points.)  Also, open the door to the diner and use the diner peice on the far end of it if you have picked it up thus far.  Now, leave. 


Check the shed behind the bus at this location for any remaining peices.  Grab the AK 74u if you didn't use the mystery box.  Now, leave.


At the next location, open the shed.  Drop down and have two people stay here, gaurding the door with the electricity symbol on it.  As quickly as possible, assemble the power box.  Let the other two players know that you and your buddy have made the power switch, and tell them to drop their turbines.  Once they are in the safe area, turn on the power.  Use your turbine to progress on to the next area.  (The turbines will last long enough until you get to the next town.)  Ride the bus to the final area.  Wait for it to move and jump on its roof if you don't have the ladder attached.  Crouch down for the ride and protect yourself.


Get off the bus, open the door, and throw a grenade at the safe.  Throw another at the far end of the opened hallway.  Turn right.  Unless the zombies have destroyed your turbine (unlikely if timed correctly), proceed down the hallway.  As long as one person is down here, the door will remain open.  Here you can pack your weapons.  I recomend packing the M16 and the Hammer/RPD.  But don't pack immediately.  Wait to run out of ammo.  Always use your non-packed gun first.  It will take more bullets to kill, therefore, giving you más points!


Now, two at a time, go to the diner and grab the knuckles.  To get them, enter the diner, got to the far end, and search the roof for the opening (after you've applied the diner peice.)  Jump up, turn around, and they are on the wall.


These knuckles with be a 1-hit-KO until round 14.  It may not seem like much, but you will get to town as soon as 6 or 7.  This also makes traveling faster.  If you can't shoot the annoying little gremlin-like things off of you, two hits and these guys are down. 


For the people at the pack-a-punch, stay at the corner.  One watch down one hallway, the other watching the adjacent one.  Make sure to help out each other occasionally before you've packed.


Now, once you are all packed and ready to run trains, leave and go back to the first area.  Once you get to the tunnel go to where you bought the M16.  As soon as you get to the end of the rail (past the M16) turn left.  You will come between two cars.  Turn left.  This is your area to run a train.  It isn't a whole lot, but it will work for a LONG time.  (Otherwise you can glitch from here on out at the power station, but that's stupid. 


My brother usually turns right at the car and runs his circle there.  He says it's more open/bigger, but I'm not sure.  Find out for yourself.  Here is where I stay until about round 25-27 with my brother when I visit him and we play on his X-Box with his friends.  This is pretty far for the common folk as we haven't even gotten close to 99 yet.


Au revoir and good luck! 

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