Jan 28 2012
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MW3 content potential release dates

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Currently, XBOX premium Elite members have Piazza and Liberation since January 24 but Actvision has yet to give PS3 premium Elite members a release date, only a statement that we are at fault for all this confusion. We know that M$ has a contract that allows XBOX Live to receive COD conent early, but that is not a valid excuse to leave us in the dark. So here is a list of potential dates at the moment and the likelyhood of the maps being avaliable to download:

January 31

In therory, if we are to even see the maps in January, this is the last day to do so. Reality is the content will be released some time in Febuary given that M$ prefers a longer exclusitivty window and no announcements regarding a release date what so ever for PS3.

Febuary 7

Earliest date in Febuary we get the maps but knowing that the exclustivity window is about 3 weeks, no way we will get the maps that week.

Febuary 14

Given that previous exclusitivity windows offcialy run 3 weeks, this is the earliest possible date we can download our maps. However, given their history of waiting another week, I have to say no content for that week.

Febuary 21

By then, we have waited approximitly one month so a chance that the maps finaly show up on this date. Given that previous MW2 and Black Ops map packs release on a Thursday on PS3, we will still have to wait

Febuary 23

Factor Activision's history of releasing DLC for PS3 on Thursdays and previous waiting periods, this is very likely the date we will at last get our 2 maps that Activision won't reveal to us. We can enjoy the maps after waiting 30 days.

I hope that this would help clear up any confusion that you all may have regarding the release date for our first MW3 Elite content drop.

p.s. Do not start another flame war on PS3 vs. XBOX 360.

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