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Jun 09 2013
By: Andy55411 Hekseville Citizen 373 posts

Looking for legit and fun mw2 and/or mw3 matches?

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important information

our internet isn't the greatest (600KB/s download) but it seems to work fine when I'm the host, otherwise I can't play, I haven't had any complaints from my friends about lag when we play. theater mode recording is turned off to help reduce any lag that may be present. if you have any kind of video recording device feel free to record anything that happens in the game. you just may be listed in this thread for being the best player, only if its legit of coruse :smileywink:. the thread will be updated as needed time to time.



If you answered yes to both questions "Looking for legit and fun mw2 and/or mw3 matches?" then add Mrcoffee731 and leave it up to me to keep the matches clean. if you spot a hacker,cheater,booster etc just send me a message to Mrcoffee731. if you don't care that things don't count like kdr,kd and other stats wont be effected in anyway in private matches. this is how I met my good buddy is by hosting these lobbies, stopped for a while but looks like I'm back at it again. the more people I have to play with the more often I'll host these lobbies



some matches may run more like battlefield 3 matches where there is no time limit, these matches will happen at random times



mw3 defualt settings

map rotation will be used

join in progress will be used


mw3 notes

I have all free DLC, no paid DLC as of right now



none yet so far


best teammate at the moment:

best player so far:

I'm a non competitive kind of player. I just enjoy kicking back and just enjoy the games.
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