May 08 2013
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Looking for a Clan War![MW3]

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Okay. So VoLT is looking for a clan war on the game MW3 on Saturday. Here is the proposed time and such:
Time: 9:30 PST
Gametype: modified Search and Destroy (8 round limit, 10 min round, and no support kill streaks allowed)
Maps: Arkaden, Lockdown,Outpost, Seatown, Terminal, Underground (They are randomly chosen) (If we need we will get more)
Victory Conditions: Best out of five, must win with two winsin a row. (Like deuce in Tennis)
Player max: 6v6
Player min: 4v4

To contact me post on this forum. If I say yes, add VoLTxTeMPeST and VoLTxTyPhOOn
Please use plain text.
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