Jan 20 2013
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I LOVE black ops 2 but there's a few problems i don't like about it.....

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I know i should probably post this in the the official COD elite forums but im too dang lazy to sign up again for that crap haha.


Anyways here's my problems with the game:


1. The maps are too small/cramped

I'm probably gonna sound like I'm clustrophpbic or something  lol but geez  are the maps small. There's no one time where I can relax for a second and reload, which ends up getting me killed. But there are exceptions I'll say like, express, carrier, drone, and plaza. But everything is is like squished in like, hijacked, cargo, raid, , and yemen. Why can't the maps be like the maps in Black ops 1? They were AWESOME!!! I loved summit, jungle, kowloon, stadium, etc the only ones I probably truly hated were stockpile and silo.


2. Strike force missions are required because they affect your ending. THESE THINGS ARE JUST SOOOOOOOOOO BORING!!! I know that they were just trying to mix up the missions up a bit but cheez does this feel like playing something slow paced like chess. I don't know, maybe it's just me XP


3. Why can't we have the freedom to unlock whatever we want just like in the orginal Black Ops?? I liked that.....

EVERYTHING IS LOCKED UP killstreaks, perks, and guns. Ghost isnt a problem like the original black ops, it only works when you're moving, so I really don't see why did they had to do that. As for killstreaks, well..... I guess they were trying to bring back the COD4 and WAW feeling. Or perhaps stop people camping for the higher killstreaks like K9 or swarm? (good thing that there isn't a lot of swarms or dogs activated lol). Does anybody else miss this?


Anybody else feel the same for any of these?


Btw can anybody confirm that perks affect the way you look? Or is it your gun again like in past COD titles like COD4, MW2, and WAW

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