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Jan 07 2013
By: MattThePuppet First Son 1 posts

Dark Apocalypse Gaming (18+) Clan

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Dark Apocalypse Gaming aka DaG Clan (_DaG) is a multi-platform, multi-gaming, 18+ team. We are looking to recruit a handful of new players that have the same goal and motivation as us. We are a close-knit clan that enjoys winning and having fun. Our current roster consists of NA and EU players that play all around the clock. We will be capping the amount of members we accept soon so apply while you can.

A (very) brief history of our clan

We Split off from a massive casual CoD Clan in March 2011 and decided we needed our own direction, our own voice, our own bank. Since then we have had more teams compete within Gamebattles and enter more online tournaments.

— Our Mission –
We are a Casual Gaming team that plays within the Major League Gaming Game battles and various other Tournaments. Our clan has been working to provide new opportunities to help push our Soldiers forward. A gamer needs to be disciplined, dedicated and committed to the goal and to his/her Team. We are a self funded clan but do have a couple sponsors (GamersUnif
orm, KontrolFreek, GripIt).
We are a NO B.S., NO Drama Clan. We do not put up with people who think they are far superior to others or hackers. We do NOT allow Modded Controllers, Lag Switches, or any form of Cheating.

— Joining –
We also have many things going on around the clock within our organization. When applying you can expect to see these things for you upon acceptance

[*]Online Tournaments With Prizes[*]24/7 Pub Stomping[*]Graphics Tournaments[*]Access to some the greatest montages online[*]And last but not least, the most fun you'll ever have in online gaming!

If you are interested in joining check out our website at
“ReVive and ReSpawn in Dark Apocalypse Gaming” –Recruited by: Puppet

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Re: Dark Apocalypse Gaming (18+) Clan

Jan 7, 2013
add me please i need a clan beat all cod games on vetren
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