Mar 23 2013
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CoD: Black Ops 2 clan recruiting

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Hey there!! As of now there is no one but me in my clan and so I am recruiting! I would like for it to be mostly a Sniping clan but if you suck at sniping it's ok! :smileyhappy: Just answer the questions below!!Just comment below the answers then apply for the clan! also leave your CoDElite name below!


Clan name is: CrossHairSniping


  1. PSN Name:
  2. K/D:
  3. Scale of 1-10 Quickscoping:
  4. Scale of 1-10 Noscoping:
  5. Scale of 1-10 Trickshoting:
  6. Level/Prestige:
  7. Ever been ban for boosting/cheating/hacking:
  8. Are you able to record and post on youtube:
  9. CoD Elite name:
  10. Favorite Gamemode and Gun:
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Re: CoD: Black Ops 2 clan recruiting

Apr 12, 2013
PSN: TheFlyingByrd
K/D: 1.11 (low because I run around with a sniper haha)
QS: 7
NS: 5
TS: 0 haha I try all the time and fail haha
Lvl: 38, 6th prestige
Ban: No
Record: not yet but I'm going to be buyin the Elgato soon
CoD Elite: TheFlyingByrd
GM: 3 way tie. FFA, TD, KC
Gun: DSR, Ballista
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