Apr 16 2014
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My setup (give me some feedback?)

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Hey guys I'm currently a lvl 23 and here's my gear setup:


Toxic grenade
Shock grenade
Proxy mine
Explosive tomahawk
and a Cloak

low recoil LMG:R (suppressing fire TDM)
High dmg SMG (rushing flanking, S&D)
200 dmg BAR (sniping S&D)
Low recoil HAR (longer range, CTF)

Health refill
Heavy ammo (no ammo, I pickup guns)
Swarm launcher
Airstrike (I don't need hardsuits ;D)

Keep in mind that I don't solely use each gun for those gamemodes, but they are the gamemodes I mostly use them in.
Also I mainly use the LMG:R

Give me feedback and what type of rifle I should use,


Thanks for taking the time to read all of this!
Msg me if u want PSN: NeonEkrio
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Re: My setup (give me some feedback?)

Apr 16, 2014
Oh, also an AMR for killing hardsuits
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Re: My setup (give me some feedback?)

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May 20, 2014
The best set up is the one that works for you. There is no perfect rifle for everyone. Since everyone has a different play style all the top guys I play against have something different they like. If you like to play super fast and run around non stop then obviously something that's lightweight and shoots fast will be better suited for you. If you like shooting from mid range, like me, I just love my ar. As far as my build goes...well that's classified. Some guys get a lot of satisfaction from sniping or very long range kills so obviously they need something different. I hear a lot of guys throwing around this whole k/d ratio nonsense. That doesn't matter to me personally. Other guys are obsessed with it. I'd rather go 6-1 and play with my brain and use strategy then go 22-15 and just run at people and spray. Do what ever makes you enjoy the game. One thing I'll never use is invisibility . I think it's super lame. I don't see the point in hiding then shooting everyone from behind. My f avorite part of the game is when I know where someone is and they know where I am and from there it's whoevers smarter and faster. That's the best feeling in the game to me to win those little individual battles.

Anyways thanks for telling me all your weapons so I can counter everything you have next time I see you in game. LOL just kidding.

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Re: My setup (give me some feedback?)

Apr 17, 2014
But it's so fun to run behind 4 people and just unload 80 rounds into them Smiley Tongue

Anyway hit me up if u ever wana play Smiley Very Happy I'll probably get wrecked
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Re: My setup (give me some feedback?)

May 10, 2014

Customized Assault Rifle is the best 

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Re: My setup (give me some feedback?)

Jun 30, 2014
Your setup is all about preference. We can't tell you if it's good or not. It's whatever works for you. Play around with other loadouts to find what works best for different situations/game types.
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