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Dec 06 2012
By: ll_-LUCIFER-_ll First Son 10 posts

[vFv] The Fallen, Recruiting

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Fallen logo






[vFv] The Fallen are looking for active BF3 gamers to join our established group

of players.

The Fallen is not a community of players, but a team that actively looks to battle

against other clans.

Recruits will need to have a good mental attitude as well as being composed, with the

ability to follow tactical gameplans for the good of the team.

Like with any team we are looking for skilled players with good communication, If

accepted you will not be guaranteed a place in a clan battle, players are selected

on avaliability and current form.

We are a mature set of players, We are not interested in players who have Egos nor

are we interested in any keyboardwarriors who like to "BIG" themselves upon forums.

These players need not apply.

Communication is a big part of this team, so players will need  to have and use mics,

Sorry but this is a must.


We have alot of players from around the world, mainly Europe and the States, Because of

Logistics and times of clan battles we will not be accepting players from, Asia, OZ, KSA or South



If you are interested in joining please put a app in via our website(primary) or Battlelog.


We are greatful for any bumps to this Thead and thanks to those who bump in advance.

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First Son
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Re: [vFv] The Fallen, Recruiting

Dec 7, 2012
Wow this forum section is dead, strange with a new map pack out.
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