May 01 2013
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dowg is recruiting

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Dogs of War is a gaming clan for fans of PS3/Xbox 360 shooters/PC Games of all kinds. Our goal is to establish a community of gamers that play squad based shooters, discuss strategy and tactics, and have fun. We are looking for mature gamers who are team players and enjoy working together to achieve success on the battlefield. 

We are looking for members to be active and respectful towards the other clan-mates while still being laid back and having a great time. Gamers of all skill levels are welcome to register. We have Gamebattles teams for competitive members and casual clan operations for all gamers every week! 

Joining is free. We are over 600 active members strong and have a great website at We're not the only ones that share that opinion. Dogs of War is a featured clan at and other gaming entities. We also have monthly inter-clan events and tournaments, MLG and Fragged Nation teams, and a popular pc division 


DoWG brings more then just great gaming in a great atmosphere! 

- Easy to use website with Chat and Arcade! 
- Well structured leadership with lots of opportunities 
- Ribbons and ranks for clan members 
- Operations and clan tournaments and MLG and Fraggednation teams 
- Gaming divisions for the most popular PS3/Xbox 360 Shooters/\ pc games like LOL minecraft and others 
- Amazing News Team to keep you up to date on todays entertainment 
- YouTube Team 
- An amazing graphics team! (DoWGFX) 


- Must have and use a microphone 
- Must be able to speak English 
- Must be at least 16 years old 
- Must be mature, respectful and able to have fun 

If you are interested in joining please register on our site and submit an application today! 

Clan Website: [] 
We are also on YouTube, Facebook

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