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Nov 13 2012
By: lbarnes First Son 7 posts

Multiplayer won't work after installing digital

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Hey, just bought bf3 on psn and installed it but the Multiplayer and Co Op modes won't work. As soon as i click on one of the modes it immediately says lost connection to ea host and after I hit x for ok it'll just sit there and load until i quit game. Is there another step to get the online working? It's never worked for a second once.

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Registered: 02/17/2012
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Re: Multiplayer won't work after installing digital

Nov 14, 2012
Did the purchase include the Online Pass?
Do you have an Origin account?
Do you have the proper ports open on your router?

With Co-Op you are actually direct connecting to the other player (instead of an EA server) So if they are in a different region or have a weak connection, you will most likely get dropped from the session. I have been playing since release day & only just today finally unlocked all of the Co-Op weapons, because of connection drops.
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