Aug 13 2012
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BFBC2 online issues

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Over the last couple weeks it seems there has been an increasing amount of lag while playing online.  On Saturday I tried to play and noticed all of the VIP maps were gone from squad deathmatch and the game format defaulted to squad rush.  It would let me into squad deathmatch but no games available.


Just curious as to what is happening with the game, servers or perhaps my system.  All other components of the system work just fine.  My stats seem to be untouched.


I've recently heard rumors that EA is taking down the Battlefield servers.  Not sure if there is any validity in that rumor or if that is what's happening.  Regardless, thanks for any light someone might be able to shed.



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Re: BFBC2 online issues

Aug 13, 2012

It's EA, they're probably preparing to either kill the servers or just let them atrophy until they break on their own.  Those guys suck when it comes to this sort of thing.  If there is no money to be made from it, they'll kill it and leave it's corpse out in the sun to rot.

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