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Apr 24 2013
By: DavidHply First Son 1 posts

BF3 Update Fail :(

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Please Help !!


I have battlefield bad company 2 and battlefield 3, i start both games up and neither of them complete the update every time, they both get to random percentages and fail, bf3 gets further, it tells me to check my internet connection but that shouldn't be a issue, i hope o_o is there anyway to download it a more reliable way ? ie pc or something ? possibley need to redo a playstation update ?

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Re: BF3 Update Fail :(

Apr 25, 2013

Not sure what could be the problem here. I havent had any issues (other than the updates take forever) So, its most likely on your end.

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Re: BF3 Update Fail :(

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Apr 26, 2013

First things first: delete any old game data (not your save files) and start fresh. If you're still having issues, your ISP is whack.

Oh yeah, hope you're updating with a straight wired connection. WiFi is deplorable ontop of SONY's already slow speeds.

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Re: BF3 Update Fail :(

Jul 8, 2013

I know this is quite late, but I had this problem as well. Battlefield 3 version 1.09 update downloaded up to a certain point, then suddenly stopped and gave me an error code. I looked up the code and found that the code meant that a "server connection timeout" had occurred and stopped the download all together.


The only solution I have for this problem is to switch from a wireless to a wired connection.  For me, it doubled my connection speeds and since the PS3 was connected straight to the net via Ethernet cable, the download did not stop once.  If it is possible, I suggest that you do that. This is all that I can give.





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