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May 30 2012
By: Consigliere422 Lombax Warrior 105 posts

GOTY edition is great, but one significant gripe I have

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I played this game less than a year ago through Gamefly so I have a save file from playing then. I had this in mind when deciding to purchase GOTY edition. The guy at Gamestop told me that I WOULD be able to use my save files from the original game on the GOTY edition. I picked up the game yesterday, put it in and unfortunately the game does not read my old save file. I had to start completely over ( I had 26% of game completed from the old file, but it took tons of hard work to get there). I called Gamestop and a different guy said he hadn't played the game yet but that he assumed the reason why it wasn't reading my old save file was because the new game was structured differently than the old version. I found out later, he was right. For GOTY edition, all the previously released DLC's are embedded into the original game, ***SPOILER*** such as Catwoman's DLC starts automatically after Batman is tied up by the Joker. The GS rep also told me that I could not return the game because I had already opened it. Anyway, the game is still only 50 bucks so definitely worth it to me for all the added content. I just don't think Rocksteady did its customers any favors by not allowing them to use their old save files from the original game. And I don't think being able to play as Catwoman or other DLC characters in the middle of the main story justifies taking away the option from gamers.

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