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Aug 31 2012
By: FenHarel Monster Hunter 39 posts

ACB Multiplayer ... ?

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Okay, so, I heard ACB had a decent online community still... So I decided I'd download it again.


I can get in a game most of the time, but sometimes it's almost impossible.


Is that just my net being derp? Or is it normal?...


Maybe if I add a bunch of other people that play it and complain to them for invites it'll help me with this :3?


... Or, idk, half the time when I go to a room I see alot of the same people x_x Idk if it's just because of the time I play...


Or if people just aren't playing aside from them x:


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Re: ACB Multiplayer ... ?

Aug 31, 2012
I don't play often, but usually I find games reasonably easier than expected.
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