Uncharted Multiplayer Discussion
05 Oct 2017
By: Khronikos

This game is as bad as it ever was.

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I thought I would boot this up since I have the DLC game installed, though I haven't tried it yet. Game looks solid. Uncharted is... still a laggy piece of garbage locked behind a lot of loot crates and terribly imbalanced matches.

Don't get me wrong the balance is no better in a lot of these games, but in a low player mode it really starts to become useless to do anything. Lag and horridly backwards hit detection and servers make the game comical. I knew after three matches why I quit this and never went back. It's purely a waste of time.

There is some novelty in playing a couple matches. The game looks sharp and beautiful on the Pro. But I find the cheapness to this gameplay unbearable. Even in classic mode this game just feels cheap, meant to reward auto aim and poor balance leading to uselessness when playing alone.

After BF1 and 30Hz/60Hz servers you really don't go back. This game feels positively ancient. The FOV is terrible, and all around I tire of this game after a couple of matches. The loot system is also bonkers and super demanding.

  • Such an emotional and heart breaking post, BRAVO. Now leave please LOL
  • Players like you are the reason why this game is the way it is. Your probably the kind of player that just hides behind his teammates the entire game. I agree with Khronikos, if your a solo player you will hate this game. The matchmaking balance is terrible, a bad player on a good team will win more matches than a good player on a bad team. I actually am really playing just to rank up. ND ruined Uncharteds multiplayer and right now its basically unplayable, and this is coming from a solo UC3 veteran.
  • The game obviously has shortcomings, but if playing it bothers you as much as you claim it does, then you should seriously consider breaking the habit of coming back to it

  • Game is funs 
  • Quite honestly, this game does matter though, because reaction to this affects TLOU2, which is really important. I don't want TLOU 2 to be anything like this. And that means they had better friggin' upgrade their terrible 15Hz MP engine. That is first and foremost why I don't enjoy this. It's laggy as hell man. 15Hz is an ANCIENT net framework for games. It's positively horrible.

    Now take all that despicable lag and hit detection and match with an absolutely horrid balancing system, which totally screws over good players playing solo, and then add some aberrantly cheap methods of play and the whole thing becomes annoying.

    I like to come back because I haven't see a lot of the new maps. But this loot system is also awful. It demans loads of time invested in it, which means the game has to be good. When your game is not really all that great, it becomes a well I will or I won't type of decision. This is bad.

    Bf1 on the other hand is an amazing and consistent experience, marred only by terrible team balancing. The rest is great. I had high hopes for this game. And it was quite fun in Season 1, but they started to massively change their game again to suit people that were whining. It turned from run n gun with wide array of skills to rifle game. And when you are playing a rifle game you really need some Mother F'in servers to support 60Hz with this many players and such tiny maps.

  • It’s very important to put the right person in the position of lead developer. For TLOU2, Erin Daly is a safe bet. Robert Cogburn has some talent as well, especially given the amount of knowledge and experience that he now has. If he can put aside whatever personal beef he has, then he would probably be a good choice as well. With all things that I’m aware of considered, I think the multiplayer for TLOU 2 is likely to get much better fan reception than U4’s. In other words, there probably won’t be as many complaints.

  • Uncharted is my favorite game - in other words, I like it more than all the other games I happen to own, including overwatch, battlefield, and many other popular titles.


    I would AGREE that it could still be A LOT better.  I think it's a shame the developers seem to have checked out of Uncharted.  What a lost opportunity!  There is so much stuff that could be added, especially more maps and modes.  Matchmaking can take forever, especially if you're playing with friends.

    Only rarely do I encounter lag that's bad enough to ruin the match.  



  • I think it would would only be fair to add some of Uncharted 2 and 3's

    mechanics to TLOU2.

  • Fact still remains, sidekicks were and still are a massive fail ! Tlou2 HAS to ditch listen mode for the mp.
  • Dont get me wrong, I agree what has been told, I just accepted how this game is built and learned to enjoy it as it is. I play with friends and solo. With friends I win like 90% - not hiding LOL, playing solo I win like 50% - from my POV, game is balanced pretty well I dont expect to win 100%. And frankly I enjoy being melted solo, after 7 months of playing motivation almost lost so I look for matches which are imposible to win to find some motivation again. Dont care if I loose or win, just enjoying the game and trying to do some demage :)

    There is so much things I hate, but I dont express it. I hope ND will use knowledge they gained and give us decent multiplayer game in the future!

    Bye :)