Uncharted Multiplayer Discussion
04 Dec 2017
By: R3D-gekk0

Ranked is dead

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We already know that, but I hace a question : does ranked deserve to have its own playlist? In my opinion it doesn't deserve it. Now I can't see myself wearing that crap cap cause it takes forever to find matches. 

  • it doesnt deserve it. only few kids are playing ranked mode.the same few players everyday.400-500 masters players only. multiplayer is dead.  Think about it : Uncharted 4 has sold over 8 + million copies !! and only a few kids are playing ranked mode at the moment.... a disaster for the multiplayer. nobody cares for the uncharted 4 multiplayer.   Uncharted 3 is the complete package by far. 23 maps + lab maps,  12 modes and great co op.  the best uncharted multiplayer with great content and fun gameplay.  Even the last of us multiplayer is better and more fun than uncharted 4.
  • It's time to get a ps3 again....
  • Naughty Dog does not care about the UC4 MP, that's where the problem started. Then the players started not to care and it will only get worse from here on...


    I'm glad that I can still find matches rather quickly outside of ranked. No, ranked does not deserve its own playlist and the rewards are usually crap.


    If UC2 and UC3 had matches without lag, I would play these two games instead. Other third-person-multiplayers can't keep up with UC, otherwirse I'd be gone already.