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04 Jul 2017

Ok we get it now . You hate ranked koth...

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I've said it once and I'll say it again . You don't like it ? Don't play . These complaints aren't gonna change anything . If you wanna take a "stand" just don't play the mode.Less people that play the more likely they are to remove it . It's not that bad in my eyes , I play it because I think it's fun. Yes it's annoying to have like 20 something downs and still lose xD.  Bounty hunter would have been better ... however it is what it is !! It won't last forever !

  • why cant we do our " complaints " as well as not play this mode? best of both worlds
  • xD
  • "It won't last forever!" Just only three **bleep** months. Anyway I don't have problem winning there.




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  • The thing I hate is that ugly mask. That demotivated me from playing, the reward from Ranked should be something that people would feel good to show to others. That ugly thing is embarrassing to show.
  • I swear you were in a match where you lost 4v5 live on stream. How can you start with other people and how they feel about King of The Hill in Ranked when you're horrendous at it? I mean, how do you lose an objective game mode with an extra player as an advantage? 


    Really the only thing that needs fixing this Ranked season from what I have heard is the Master point system. And enough with your bad ideas of Ranked Bounty Hunter. No one wants welfare in a game mode (but you might as it actually gives you a shot at winning the match).