Uncharted Multiplayer Discussion
28 Nov 2017

Naughty Dog this can't be it...right?

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Hello Naughty Dog, 

What happened to Three Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Elimination Mode, Co-Op Adventure mode. Come on man you guys are really going to abandon this game? You guys didn't come out with a single map related to Lost Legacy. Even bringing back the old maps is better than nothing. What happened to map voting? What happened to stealth kills? What happened to melee kos when an enemy is on the same cover? What happened to being able to throw grenades back? No new boosters to incorporate previous or even new game mechanics? What about recolors for hats, masks. helmets? What about putting on multiple accessories (I've seen it done on presets)? You guys are not going to change the mode for ranked? What about the classic mode for ranked? Are we just going to stay on King of the Hill? Jesus just anything from you guys is appreciated this just can't be it.

You guys made a big deal about this being the last Uncharted...then don't let it die out like this man it's a great game and there is much to be added to this multiplayer.   


  • I miss Free For All.

  • UC4 singleplayer was boring without end, yet it gets a lot of praise. Once a company has a good reputation, it seems people will love everything they do no matter what. I have no other explanation for the success of UC4.


    However, as long as ND thinks they make great singleplayers (and that people don't care much about their MPs), as long as they think they're basically a "singleplayer only" company, their multiplayers will never get the attention we expect. They tried in UC3 but it didn't work right away, so they simply gave up instead of trying harder.

  • This is the end of Uncharted......now for TLOU lmao
  • nope Uncharted is dead man, what did you expect? As soon as I saw three game modes I knew UC4 was going to die. Cant expect much from them.