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16 Aug 2017
By: MaxXyian2

IMPORTANT FEEDBACK FOR NAUGHTY DOG: Reflecting on Uncharted 4's Multiplayer and Possible Suggestions For The Last of Us: Part II's Multiplayer

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It's been a year and a few months since the game came out and as a huge fan of the Uncharted franchise, I have to say I really disappointed that the potential that the multiplayer had has been wasted. It's sad that I have to say this because this was supposed to be biggest Uncharted yet and there are a considerable quantity of questionable design choices. It's also sad because Naughty Dog is actually really talented and they make amazing games, before some of the key members have left and after. There's still a lot of talent there.

Unfortunately, the multiplayer did not turn out as great as it should've been. This multiplayer was good at launch and for most part up until the Bounty Hunter Update and then some time after the survival update was when the multiplayer really started to decline in quality. I have been feeling this way since some time after Survival update. I haven't touched the multiplayer for weeks since I basically got all of the items that I wanted, it felt like a chore more than ever before and I don't really have the time to grind in this game anymore. I play other games and I finally had to move on. Now it's just decent.

I saw the new trailer for the Survival Arena mode and while that's cool, it's basically the survival mode you put out back in December but longer with randomized waves, no stars and it's on all maps. This literally could've just been made instead and released in December. Also we've only got ONE new character. I don't really think I'll return to the multiplayer even for this. I might try it and I might not.

The Last of Us: Part II is next game to be made for sure and I'm confident that the single-player will be amazing. However, I'm more of a multiplayer person even though I enjoy single-player. I will list some important things and go into as much detail as possible that Naughty Dog NEEDS to at least take into consideration. Here:

1. COMMUNICATION IS KEY! Very few developers actually do this. I understand that there will be information that can not be given out at times and I also understand that the team will be very busy making their next game. However, this does not mean that they should keep their playerbase in the dark and not listen to them so much. There has to be a dedicated position or dedicated positions for some of the members of the dev team that can communicate to the fans and the players through social media and forums on the internet roughly everyday. Even if there's nothing new that can be discussed, at least respond to as much people as possible. Do not waste time putting up a stream just to show off a small update. Just do a trailer and a blog post and maybe even a simple demonstration showing off the new content in a video. Do more AMAs and Q&As. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE RELEASE OF NEW DLC TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE FANS AND PLAYERS. Provide an update on what is happening in regards to the development of the game or additional content (AFTER THE RELEASE OF THE GAME OF COURSE) at least every week or even bi-weekly. Listen and take more feedback. This is very crucial for supporting the game after release. Be honest. Which transitions to my next point.

2. Until the game has been finished, just worry about finishing the game (especially the multiplayer). PLEASE DO NOT COME UP WITH A DLC ROADMAP UNTIL AFTER YOU TOOK IN FEEDBACK SOMETIME AFTER LAUNCH. TRY NOT TO HOLD BACK GAMEPLAY CONTENT AND RELEASE IT IN A LATER UPDATE. I personally don't mind a minimum of 3 or 4 game modes and 7 maps. However, everything we expect to be available at launch MUST BE THERE! This means that if The Last of Us has 3 game modes, then it's sequel MUST have those game modes as well. Newer games in a franchise should ALWAYS be improvements over older games and have more to offer. Free or not, it's very important that the game gets a new map or two at least every month with a new game mode every two months (if possible, every month) and maybe some more new features IN ADDITION to the features old and new that the game should have already that add to the multiplayer. Characters and skins as well. Also, PLEASE give out information on the content before the game's release AND before the release of a new update either in the form of a trailer or something.

3. If the game is going to have some form of an RNG (random number generator) system, PLEASE keep weapons and other gameplay items out of it. Do not have some type currency that can instantly unlock gameplay items. I don't mind the option to buy loot boxes but keep it cosmetic only. If there's going to be a feature to customize the color of different skins or have different color palettes for skins, DO NOT LOCK THEM BEHIND RNG. HAVE ALL DLC gameplay items instantly unlocked for EVERYONE. Otherwise just sell cosmetic DLC outright.

4. Unless it's co-op or a proper PvEvP game mode, KEEP A.I. OUT OF COMPETITIVE MULTIPLAYER AND PVP. NO SIDEKICKS.


6. If the game is having some form of a ranked mode, IT HAS TO BE A PLAYLIST CONTAINING ALL MODES with each mode having ranking. 

Lastly, everything that a multiplayer should have must be in it. Expand more on customization with more options and have a high enough tick rate. Please also have diverse game modes. Listen and the multiplayer will be amazing. The multiplayer is decent like I said but it could've been better. I might be missing some things but I got what I can think of.

  • Nice wishlist buddy.

    But in ND games multiplayer modes are only so you do not sell your disk copy right after you finish the single player campaign.

    After a year, when PS Store has deals like 19,99, all support for multiplayer modes is not necessary anymore.

    That is what you see now, no balancing, no bugs fixing (late joins stuck!), no care for polls, no love and attention for the game.

    Though there is apparently one "talented" person left, and all this person does is creating few skins and cosmetics now and then, and these cosmetics you do not have a chance to draw in this lottery of theirs, but you can buy for real cash.

    So then, your first point should be: "If you create multiplayer mode in your game, make sure its the one you are going to support. Otherwise dont make it, you will loose more than you can gain in eyes of your potential customers"

    I, for one, will not touch any online mode of the ND game in the future.



  • I imagine the game code is complete mess to the point that adding anything more to it is really "too hard to code". Almost all previous updates broke something else.

    I bought the explorer pack long ago, where story dlc was mentioned, and, to be honest, I expect not to receive The Lost Legacy without raising the alarm here in the forum...

    I hope to be wrong for this one last time...

  • @HasarekTV It's unfortunate because Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us are the only games with great multiplayer and they can literally make great multiplayer but they didn't do it for Uncharted 3 or 4. Although I did enjoy all of the games' multiplayer, I feel like they could've done so much more and so much better.
  • Yeah, I feel you bro. Agree completely.

    Naughty Dog is not Blizzard unfortunately.



  • How is TLOU mp any good? people move like their legs have arthritis, and there's no survival aspect at all since the game has no weapons pick up and the looting isn't happening from items that players have rather it is just the game handing one team items that they can use while the other gets shorted (welfare).


    Sidekicks are a must since they "enhance" the experince and it would be hypocritical from the devs and tlou players to not want them when they were trying to hard to push them in this garbage mp.

  • That Survival Arena stream was the last straw for me. This multiplayer was initially fun and had so much potential, but they fell short. I tried supproting this multiplayer to the very end, but I just can't. As an Uncharted 4 multiplayer forumer, reddit user, xshot and SanchoWest stream watcher, I've seen this community from all sides. I typically tried to keep my opinion neutral, leaning more towards positivity...but no more. Do I think Survival Arena is cool? Yeah I do, but it's too late. I may play it just to try it though. Anyway...


    This multiplayer fell short (as stated above) on so many levels. Considering this is the last official Uncharted game, the multiplayer should've been what ND originally described it as: "a celebration of all the Uncharted multiplayers". We received very few maps for this final game...most of them being jungle copy/paste looking maps. Unacceptable for a series with so much environments. ND had four games to pull from (Drake's Fortune, Among Thieves, Drake's Deception, A Thief's End) a motion comic (Eye of Indra) and a spin-off (Golden Abyss). Those sources of Uncharted material had all kinds of diverse environment types. Instead, like I said, half our maps are copy/paste jungle maps. We only received two snow-themed maps, one urban map and no desert or ocean-themed maps. Ridiculous. Also, why did ND deliberately avoid Drake's Deception maps? Sure the layouts were wild, but those maps were all different environments. Maps should've been like the previous Uncharted games...multiple layers. Not the silly, three-way map layouts they chose from TLoU.


    Modes were also severely lacking. They had a good variety of game modes from past multiplayer iterations to choose from, but completely avoided them for this silly "team-based" excuse they used. At this point of the multiplayer's lifespan, we should have received the Lab and other fan favorite modes at this point. Like I said, it's almost too late to add Arena. Long story short, more modes would've kept this game alive longer.


    Don't get me started on vanity and characters. I'm a big vanity and skin/character enthusiast and even that was disappointing. The silly skins should've been added later and "casual" skins from A Thief's End and previous games should've been added. Nathan Drake is missing a few skins, Sully is, Elena is, practically all of Sam's skins are. It's crazy. Let's not forget the six sources of Uncharted material that they failed to utilize. Where are fan-favorite characters and other characters from past Uncharted material? And the characters from A Thief's End single-player? In fact, Asav was added, which I was excited about, but the heroes are still way outnumbered (and they always were), but give us some diversity. It seems Cogburn lied to us, since he mentioned characters in a pre-launch stream and a stream from a few months back.


    Anyway, I'm done ranting for now. Have to go to work. Peace all.

  • TLoU mp was great before they "fixed" it. They made the mistake that they listened those sore loosers who cry that everything in the game is op. So now if you are winning the game desides that you should not and turns everything around. How is that not OP and unfair?!? So please ND DONT listen to the loud minority of whiners who cry all the time how everything is op and all should be nerfed. 

    Same thing is happening and has happened to a lot of games. When it first come's out it's great. After all the complaints and fixes all players leave because it's not fun anymore. They have fixed it so that sore loosers got what they wanted: everyone leaves and abandones the game. 

    I have never understood them at all. If you can't stand it that someone kills you in a video game, then why are playing in the first place?!? GTFO!!