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28 Oct 2017
By: se7e11

An open letter to all the haters

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An open letter to all the haters.

I'm sure I'll get a lot of flak for this but....

Why so much hate in the forums? Same complaints, same BS, new day. And almost all of it is just nonsense and noise, I might add. "Not enough maps, not enough guns, poor servers, poor matchmaking, this game is dead,".... bla bla bla, yada yada yada....

Naughty Dog made one of the best single player games ever which is no easy task following on from the greatest single player game, TLOU, and Uncharted 3. 

On top of this they created a fun, solid, stable and rigorous multiplayer aspect without being overly cynical or scrupolous about it. Although they werent sure were they were going to go with all the updates they still did their utmost to give us a roadmap of updates including a damn near full game spinoff (free to anyone who bought the season pass I might add) while also keeping IAP to an absolute minimum.

This is not an MP focused game. This is a single player interactive story with some of the highest production values you'll ever find in gaming. It's a company that cares about the players, the community and gaming. They don't release games riddled with bugs nor do they release according to a schedule to the detriment of the story or the player's enjoyment.

Yes, they are a company and yes they want to make money but it's one of the few companies that will invest extra in every department just to make sure the final product is as perfect as it can be.

I've been rocking hard on the giggle juice tonight, I'm not ashamed to admit that, so I'm not sure what else there is to say except don't listen to the haters, ND. And please keep up the hard work in your pursuit to make games that inspire millions of people every day to be better people and pursue their ambitions and dreams. 

Also be careful about ever teaming up with CD Projekt Red as it would mean the two greatest developers of all time would combine forces and that very may well create a supermassive black hole that would engulf all of existence...! 


Mucho love.xx

  • It is good but it could be better.  Maybe there arent enough players to justify more content, which is a shame.  GTA V still getting regular updates.
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  • Before the release of Uncharted 3, Naughty Dog said that they want to compete with the big guys with their multiplayer. If a company says something like that, I do not expect a "single player only" game with a multiplayer attachment for their next product. I simply expected the same amount of maps that UC2+UC3 had. That's not too much to ask in my opinion. UC MP has a loyal fan-base that should not be ignored (it isn't, at least not completely, but they do not care as much as I expect them to and not as much as ND always pretends to do...).


    The single player of UC4, while certainly an AAA title, was disappointing for me in comparison to UC1-3, mostly because of a lack of action. I was walking, talking and climbing most of the time, yet I wanted to play a third-person-shooter like UC1-3. The game I was hoping for started in the last quarter of UC4 and that was too late. Walking and talking about things I do not care about, climbing on auto-pilot (press x and the right direction)... where was the challenge, where was the fun, where were the gunfights? Some people may like it and I certainly don't want to hate, but it was boring and dissapointing for me and that's just my true, honest opinion. It is still a high-quality game, but not what I was hoping/looking for.


    TLOU is overrated in my opinion. The only great thing about this game was the emotional way ND presented the story. The gameplay, the heart of a game, had nothing special to offer, the story itself (old buffer gets his heart melted by a child) has been told countless times before in movies and books, the setting was so overused at the time and still is... and so on. Another good game for sure, as always when it comes to ND-products, but in my opinon nowhere near the league of the "greatest games of all times".


    Yes, the multiplayer of UC4 is fun, but it's not the MP most Uncharted fans were hoping for and it's clearly not as good as it could have been. And all this "free" just means "worse" when you look at this MP in comparison to previous UC MPs, which were the best MPs I have ever played, especially the early UC2 MP (pre 1.05).


    This is the last Uncharted MP. I expected the best of everything we got before. I expected more, a lot more, a MP that would keep us playing for years, with more maps, more modes and more of everything we've had before. I was hoping that Uncharted would go out with a bang, a big one. But it is a bit disappointing in comparison to its predecessors (criticism on a high level though, I admit). However, a few more maps and I'd be happy with the MP, but it seems we won't even get that. As for the SP, I probably won't touch it again. I played the previous ones 10-20 times each, especially UC1+2, but this one... I cannot even go through it a second time. Stopped at chapter 8 on the second run and just couldn't go on anymore.


    That's my honest opinion, no hate involved and certainly no offense....

  • The game is great and so is the multiplayer. The only issue is compared to UC2 and UC3 M{P, this is only half baked. Just having UC2 and UC3 maps in this game would be enough for it to feel complete for me. We haven't even got anything related to Lost Legacy except for new skins and that's it. The last map update was back in April. 10th anniversary of the franchise in November and I'm still to get the feeling nothing will be done.
  • "full game spinoff (free to anyone who bought the season pass I might add)"
    That's a stupid retarded statement OP, it being free would require the season pass to not include in the wording anything that said "first ever Uncharted singleplayer expansion", anyway you are a shill that only played U3 after they introduced microtransactions and a tlou rat too if that doesn't make it worst than it is that you probably bought a **** ton of coins expecting them to make more updates but guess what the updates stopped as soon as they dropped everything that was planned on a roadmap that most of it were stuff every Uncharted game either had or even did not need compared to tlou that released with only two modes you can't sell off the roadmap as being something good that everyone should be pleased with. 
  • game is perfect ND does no wrong 
  • Post a few above me is right on the money. 


    UC2 multiplayer was the only other one i played but I think it is problably the best in the series in terms of fun factor. i like the gameplay on UC4 with the recoil patterns but it just doesnt seem as fun somehow (part of that I think is being able to choose your loadout which encourages camping). Lack of maps and overall multiplayer content is also a factor. Another thing i will say is even visually uncharted 2 was arguably a better looking game overall which shouldnt be the case... the character models and enviroments in 4 seem less authentic than for example playing village on UC2 vs the remastered version on 4. I watched a youtube video of some uc2 multiplayer and i forgot how polished looking the game was.  


    dont even get me started on the campaign. UC2 had a far superior campaign... not even close.