The Last of Us: Multiplayer
02 Nov 2017

TLOU Part: 2 - Faction MP Ideas

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This is an idea for The Last of Us Part 2 and it's multiplayer gameplay.  I loved the first one, and all I felt was missing was AI.  I'd like to see Infected, animals, vehicles, and stronger weather effects.  Imagine being able to open a door to a room and then releasing infected into the map.  This would create an interesting obsticle and deeper element during a match against other players online.  Customization of character could be cool too, so it's unique to each player.  I like the settlers element, I wish it was more rewarding to keep them alive and maybe have better rewards for surviving more weeks.  Last idea, getting to choose a voice/accent to attach to your custom character.

  • I like this idea.  Keep the interrogation mode (its all I play) but add the infected to it!  Expand the maps.  The largest ones feel like we're restricted to 90k sqft (Imperial System).  That is really, really small.  The Dam having the largest map size in means of volume, but the play area is still about the 90k sqft.
  • O think they gonna KILL the game like them did with Uncharted4
  • Character costumization would definitely be cool!