The Last of Us: Multiplayer
05 Jun 2017

Is Multiplayer still very much active?

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First off im asking for the ps3 version and secondly my ps3 wifi ribbon or whatever is finally dead but i had another ps3 that was brand new sitting in my closet so i set it up and deactivated my 2 other ps3 connected accounts and went to play the last of us after i installed all my dlc but oh **bleep** no i need to buy the online pass again and its $10 **bleep** dollars. My internet is wifi only just so you guys know. It also seems that the connection bar freezes at about 70% loaded but i found an easy workaround to that. So is it worth the $10 dollars. Load times for me also use to be kind of long sometimes since my wifi connection has a strict nat type.

  • LAST night wanted to do a online session, couldn't find a game...

  • Always took a little longer to find a game at night for me so its not surprising. And by night i mean about 11pm and over.

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