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31 Oct 2017
By: WordsFan

There are two direct references to TLOU in this "zombie-proof" RV

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If you go to this UK website, you can see a zombie proof motorhome that has a BUNCH of horror movie/video game references inside - including at least two from The Last of Us.

So far, the community on reddit has spotted that Joel's watch is featured (you need to read the description to see that it's stuck on 2:40, which has been theorised by fans as the time that his watch sticks to, once broken).

TLOU subreddit is yet to spot the second reference, which can be seen best on desktop, on the image labelled "The Inside". And it's on the left side of that image.

There's a link to an alternative version at the bottom that shows it much clearer.

I'd love it if you guys spotted it because the reddit crowd are struggling.

People are also saying things like the Duct Tape are inspired by TLOU. But the designer is yet to confirm.

You can see a clear reference to Resident Evil in that a green/red herb is on the desk. And there are plenty of The Walking Dead "Easter Eggs" in there too.

Be good to see what else you guys can help find.

Anyway, Happy Halloween and much love.

- WF


Gonna try and upload the infographic version here but it's pretty big...