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22 Oct 2017
By: Tsagia

Please,please don't make Ellie a lesbian!

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Hi,I recently got a PS4(this month actually)mostly for the exclusives and any old classic games,I wanted to enjoy the Naughty Dog games for a loooong time and now I finally got The Last of us and Uncharted 4,finished them both and absolutely 100% loved them.Already ordered the Crash Bandicoot trilogy and looking forward to getting the rest of the Uncharted games as well.

But back on topic.I absolutely LOVED every single bit of The last of us.It's just an epic journey,no doubt.Then I played "Left behind" and everything was going great untiiiiil the darn kiss moment.Now,I know a lot of people don't care about it,but hey,there's a lot of us who actually would love to see Ellie being straight or at least bisexual. I mean come on,you had a gay character already in the game,you made a point,but...please let that kiss of Ellie with Riley just be something like a tomboy heat of the moment thing or whatever.

I'm not trying to offend anyone,I'm just a straight male fan who'd just want Ellie to be straight.She could fall in love with a guy in Part II or something.Just...let that Riley kiss scene end there and not explore more of it.I mean before "Left behind" most of us,if not all,had the idea that Riley was just Ellie's best friend and that's all.And that friendship was very very strong.It doesn't have to be something...well more than that.Again,I know lots of lgbt people will probably go berserk now,but see it from the majority of the Christian/muslim/jewish fans' view as well :)

Anyway,that was,truly,the only part in the story that messed me up.The hint that Ellie could,just could be a lesbian.If you skip that part,everything else was absolutely amazing,epic and unforgettable.It took me 4 years to finally get to play this masterpiece but boy was it worth it!!!

  • Firstly I am not part of the "lgbt People" as you called them but there are plenty of straight heterosexual characters in games, they have been represented for years.  What scares you so much seeing other people represented in games?   Not everybody is the same in the world.  I dont think naughty dog was making a point about her being a lesbian anyway it was just about the love between two people they just happen to be two women/girls, and right about now love in all shapes and forms is what this world needs.
  • When it comes to the main character,well I care a lot.There was Bill,Bill was gay.

    But Ellie,is 14,Ellie had this strong friendship with Riley and that's what I personally and many other people would like to see it like.That she was just best friends with Riley and nothing more.Nothing different.I just would love it if Naughty Dog didn't present her as a lesbian in Part II.

  • ok
  • Honestly, i couldn't careless if she's a bisexual or homosexual. Infact, i actually found the kiss to be really cute and special tbh :).

    But at the end of the day, this game is about survival, zombie and humanity, not a freakin romance....

    Having said that, i do wish she will have a baby, biologically or non-biologically, doesn't matter, as long as that mother phucker is a boy (cuz i get tired of the feminism cuckman BS already) Then it's perfectly cool to me.

    I'm curious tho, why do you want Ellie to be straight? Do you want to see a romance between a girl and a boy? Is that right?

  • I'm with you Tsagia! If grown adults want to be gay, lesbian, bi or any of those, that's fine. But I have a HUGE problem when it infiltrates games, and anything dealing with children. Don't try to influence kids by putting this in games, I also draw the line there too. And you were very respectful when you posted your opinion, but people don't care. They still are offended because someone disagrees with them. I'm with you man! Games are completely fine without gay/lesbian couples.
  • Naughty Dog have proven themselves to be excellent story tellers. Trust that, regardless of Ellie's orientation, they will do the story justice.

    Regarding characters, there are plenty of straight characters available in practically every video game made made up to this point. LGBT people deserve representation and positive examples of themselves in media just as much as anyone else, and there are far fewer examples of them in video games than straight characters. It's okay to let a character mean more to someone else than it does to you.

  • ...Really? 

    I'm a straight male and I couldn't be happier about a triple A game developer finally acknowledging sexual diversity. 
    I actually think the fact that you enjoyed the game so much, and could relate to Ellie before you knew she was gay really tells a lot about your own prejudices. She was gay all along... if you cared for her all that time, maybe you're not as homophobic as you think... or maybe homosexuality isn't such a big deal after all? ;)

    As for Christian/muslim/jewish fans, if they're coherent at all, I'm thinking we already lost them with the brutal, senseless gore and violence. It is kind of funny that enjoyed such brutality with a smile... but a kiss "messed you up".

  • Who gives a crap.  I just want to play the game.  Hurry up and finish it.  Well, dont hurry too much.  I dont want the game to be rushed either.
  • I was hoping for Joel and Ellie to hook up.... Joking! The Last of Us is the best game I have ever played and can NOT wait until 2019. I really may be too old to game by then so fingers crossed for a 2018 relese. Regarding Ellie being gay, I think that ship has sailed. The kiss in LB was the start of that, but a Tweet fron Neil is what. I think puts the nail into the coffin. A player had said something like "Keep politics out of the game." I think regarding the gay thing, and Neil responded "No can do" and then something to the effect of writers write from their knowelege and view of the word. I'm paraphrasing, but I think Neil is willing to put what he wants into the games. The lost legacy replaced Nathan Drake, with Colie and NaNa, one of the most BA men ever and replaced him with 2 girls. Joel, the most BA man ever, replaced by Ellie. I don't want to speak for Neil, because he is the bomb, but I think he's gonna do what ever he wants, and so far it has made a few of the best five games I have ever played. I am a straight man from Oklahoma, but I would say just trust and hold on for an awesome ride!
  • Just take the story as-is.
  • You know your making them SJN(social Justice Nazis) mad right?