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05 Dec 2017
By: mnrplay1

PlayStation Vue

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we have had PlayStation Vue for a while now. They did some sort of update a couple weeks ago and now it is really slow and freezes up. Also wondering why they raise rates with no notification. We have had two bill increases with no notice.

  • nope, there has ony ever been 1 price change (the elimination of the SLIM PLANS), you can't have had 2 bill increases and they sent you notice TWICE about the price change, the first time back in July and then again a month before your new price went into effect. you clearly don't read emails from Sony, only other POSSIBLE "increase" you could have seen if you started getting TAXED for the service (some states TAX online services now) or if you had a special promo that EXPIRED like the Showtime for $1 a month for a year promo they did to try to keep people from cancelling after they dropped Viacom out of nowhere.
  • You might try deleting the VUE app and reinstalling. I still maintain the ancient habit of an additional reboot after an app says everything is solid - just to make certain pointers are correct.
  • Tech_in_a_Mech (PlayStation Support)


    We are happy to help! What device are you using for PlayStation Vue? Also, when you say it is freezing, is it buffering or does it seem more like skipping?​