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07 Dec 2017

Played for my subscription.. Won't load on ps4 only on roku... buffers

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Pay for subscription PlayStation Vue but yet it won't work on my PS4 will work on my Roku but still buffers every now and then my internet speed is fine I get up to sometimes it's 29 megabits per second not happy because I want to use it on my PlayStation was not happy that I had to go out and buy a Roku to play Playstation Vue because I can't play Playstation Vue on my PlayStation how can you not play Playstation Vue on your on your PlayStation and PlayStation and Playstation Vue both have PlayStation on them cuz they're made by PlayStation I just feel like I'm not getting the full experience

  • are you logged into the same PSN account on the PS4? if so have you tried simple things like uninstalling the vue app, rebooting and reinstalling or alternatively try a "restore licenses"