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06 Dec 2017
By: Katkoz89

Freezing/not recognizing home

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My friend's husband gave us their amazon firestick because they live in the desert and weren't getting good internet out there. We decided to get playstation vue, once I downloaded the app on the firestick it worked for a day but now has been freezing on us on and off. It comes up with a network error and sometimes tells us it does not recognize this as our home network. I checked and it says our conection to our network is very good. Can anyone help us with this?

  • NETWORK ERROR is the Fire Stick not connecting to your wifi network, move it CLOSER to the wifi router or the router closer to the stick, also if it's a first gen stick they are simply just HORRIBLY SLOW to start with so navigating menus will feel like it's "freezing" but it's just how SLOW the stick is. if it doesn't recogonize your wifi as the home network that is an IP address issue with your ISP, nothing anyone here can do to fix your ISP changing your IP address that often.