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06 Dec 2017

DVR Quirky Past Few Days

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Anyone else finding the DVR buggy lately?


I had an episode of the evening news recorded.  Tried to play it, It would play for a second and then skip back to start, play for a second again and skip back in a continuous loop.  I could FF to a different section, but when I clicked play, it would again play for a second and then skip back to the new starting point.


Another issue I had was pausing while watching a recording.  When I came back and hit play the recording was at an earlier point in the show and I could not advance the recording.  Neither the FF nor the ten second skip would work.  The recording played fine, but if I exited it and rentered it would revert to the same earlier starting point, rather than the point where I exited and it still couldn’t be advanced.  This happened with two different recordings.


Tonight I tried to watch a few programs and they all started with a message that said that something went wrong on our end and we needed to restart.  But then it would play ok afterwards.


This is on a Roku, with OS 8.0 and Vue 2.0.  However it has worked fine since the update and just got weird the past few days.  Except for the evening news issue, none of them are overly serious - since uktimately I was able to eatch the programs.  But the behavior is buggy to say the least.

  • We can help with your DVR issue! Have you tried any devices other than the Roku? Also, have you tried any troubleshooting steps yet with the Roku? 
  • I have 3 Rokus, but mainly watch on my Roku Premiere.  Have not tried the others since this started.


    It seems to be mostly a different issue every night, but since I’ve ultimately been able to watch, I haven’t done any troubleshooting.  My main reason for posting was to see if others were having similar issues.


    If I have problems again tonight I’ll try and reboot the Roku and uninstall Vue.

  • I am having this problem with last Friday's Gold Rush episode.  Same thing,  plays for a couple of seconds, rewinds,  plays for a couple of seconds, rewinds, repeats......

    I'm not having that issue with other DVR'd programs.

  • I'm having the same problem with a few different shows.  Fixer Upper always gives me an HTTP error message when it tried to play.
  • I have a similar issue with the fire tv box.  An issue occurs always when I dvr a show and then watch that dvred show while it is in progress.  DVR controls work to a point during the show then the controls stop functioning and the show always returns to a specific time as if it were in a loop..  I can then only watch the show as if it were live.   sometimes a reboot of the fire tv box works and restores the function.  This is a consistent issue and is not depedent in the show or channel..  Clearing app cache does not work either.  

  • Interesting that this month old thread popped up again today.  I started the thread, but haven’t had any problems since then...  until today.


    Tried to watch CBS Sunday Morning on DVR.  The show will play for a second, loop back, play for a second, ad infinitum.  I can fast forward, but when I hit play, it does the same thing, just from a different location.


    For info., I am on a Roku Premiere.  And yes I deleted PS Vue, rebooted the Roku, reinstalled PS Vue.  And (in Gomer Pyle Voice) surprise, suprise, git the exact same thing.