02 Dec 2017

Network unavailable

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I just purchased kingsman 2 and went to play it and my videos and everytime i try to play the movie it say network unavailable. My network is fine it works for everything else. I also tried to watch it on my phone the the app and it still would not play. Seems like a waste of money at this point  

  • Im having the same issue! Cant play any of my purchased movies.. Just started happening after i bought Kingsman.
  • I bought a movie yesterday and still cant watch it says network unavailabe.i WOULD LIKE A REFUND OR YOU FIX THE PROBLEM SONY.......:-(


  • Dan_OMara (PlayStation Support)

    Hi All:

    You can access PlayStation™Video only in the country in which your PlayStation℠Network account was created. This means that you will receive an error message if you attempt to access PlayStation™Video while you are overseas, or in a different regional location.



    Dan O'Mara