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10 Feb 2016
By: redcell89

Spotify Premium Offer 2 months for $2

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Ok so Theres a premium offer on the spotify playstation upgrade page that states 2 months for 2 dollars but when i click on the link it takes me here and i log in to redeem the offer but it states that I will be charged the usual 9.99 Tax. What gives????


Anyone have the same issue? anyone tried redeeming it?



  • Same situation here. Don't know if the deal is for new accounts only.

  • Same problem here! Anyone with power/influence out there want to explain how to fix this?

  • YaYa_Mo (PlayStation Support)

    Hi Folks,


    Sorry for the confusion.  This promotion is indeed intended for new accounts only.

  • Never used Premium, but it won't let me use the promotion.