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09 Oct 2016
By: ElgazeR

Error Code WS-41754-1 - Can't use Spotify

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When I try to refresh Music from the new quick menu I receive this error code. Everytime I try to open Spotify I get the message, " Error connecting to the Playstation Network".

I never had a problem using Spotify before the 4.0 update. I tried deleting/re-installing Spotify, which did not work.

  • same problem here

  • Hola a mi tambien me sucede lo mismo no se que le paso de un dia a otro me paso, me molesta no puedo iniciar la aplicacion y usarla al 100% bien. Espero y lo arreglen

  • (sorry for my bad English, hope i could help someone:smileylol:) I got the same problem, but  then i searched a bit on the internet and found this: 


    I've finally figured this out! This solution will unlink the current Spotify account from your Playstation Network, and then allows you to re-set up the app with the desired credentials. Try this:


    1. Log out of Playstation’s Network from the Playstation.
    2. Follow this link on a computer or any device other than the Playstation.
    3. After logging in, select the ‘Unlink’ hyperlink to unlink the old Spotify account from the Playstation Network account.
    4. Log back in to Playstation’s Network from the Playstation and open the Spotify app.
    5. You will then be asked to enter your login credentials for the new account.
  • I get a "Please Wait" loop when attempting to link PSN and Spotify. This is bs.

  • Still a problem Linking Spotify with PSN...