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25 Aug 2017

Broadcasting Gameplay with Spotify

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Can us ps4 streamers please be able to stream and have spotify playing in the background of our streams! Everyone that doesnt stream through the ps4/people who use obs and are able to have stream set-ups are able to have music in their background. Adding this feature would be game changing and awesome for us small streamers who stream through the ps4 or pretty much anyone who streams through the ps4. Even when i go back and look at my streams i still feel like somethig is missing...MUSIC. Please i am begging we need this either soon or in the future!

  • GraphiteGB (Support MVP)


    Not legal and not licensed..

    And gets your stream kicked from Twitch very quickly... Youtube normaly kills the acrhive... and once you get flagged for doing it... Twitch targets you even faster...

    Most streamers know this as you can ALLREADY stream Music over twitch youtube daily motion easy with a simple wire bypass...   Advets added to video to avoid take down due to copyright ID claim on