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06 Dec 2017

Wrong purchase

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Yesterday I purchased battlefield 1 "they shall not pass" from PlayStation store for 14.99$ The purchase susscefull and installed then when I try to play the dlc map its still locked I was so sad and about to cry

Then I went to notifications I clicked on it I saw battlefield 4 icon and said to insert the disk now I don't know what i do

This is bug please help what I do

  • vfr_800_rider (Support MVP)

    This is NOT a bug.  The region of your game disc and your PSN account must match.  You were told this in your other thread.  You cannot use the DLC.  Period, there is no workaround.
  • I never understood that. "i live in country A, so ill create an account in country B and then buy games from country C" And wonder why things wont work correctly. Is there an advantage to doing this or is it just people not paying attention when setting up accounts or buying things?
  • Some things are cheaper in other regions stores.

    So people make accounts to try to take advantage of these savings.

    Then when things don't work because of region restrictions that have always been there they get to feel like they were the ones that got "ripped off".

  • Not to mention that for some regions games are either censored or banned altogether. 


    I have played game discs not matching my PSN region and they worked. But I haven't tried their online multi-player so that might not work properly.

  • Ah okay, makes sense. Thank you both
  • ?Ok but what I should do now 

    ?Is my money gone 

    Please help me

  • vfr_800_rider (Support MVP)

    Not entirely sure how to make you understand - this is a public, user-based community forum - we are gamers just like you, not SONY employees.  We cannot make your purchase work, nor can we authorize a refund.


    If you want to try for a refund contact Customer Service for the region of your PSN account.  The options for North American ones are phone or Live Chat, and if you are not physically located in North America Live Chat will not work.  Use Skype to call to keep costs to a minimum.  There is nothing else anyone here can do.  Refunds are not guaranteed as in general all digital purchases are final.