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06 Dec 2017

DLC codes for Fallout 4

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I have purchased 2 brand new copies of Fallout 4 GOTY edition in the last 10 days. Both times I tried to use the DLC codes I got an error message saying they had already been used.

 Both copies were brand new and sealed. They were also purchased from different stores. Something definately needs fixing and soon because I'm getting tired of spending my money on crap that doesn't work.

I've also been trying to add funds to my PSN wallet but keep getting error messages there as well.

Does anything work?

  • What error code are you getting? And does your account region match the game's region? 
  • Can't remember the error code. I'll look next time I fire up my PS4

    My account matches the games region, the games were purchased in my country, the last one I got from a

    well known high street chain store.

    I've never had problems with DLC content in the past or any other downloads for that matter.



  • vfr_800_rider (Support MVP)

    Hopefully they were UK versions of the game to match your PSN account.


    You've posted in the forums for North America - might be better to try the forums and/or Customer Service for your country.


  • If not Sony, somebody really needs to create a flowchart to illustrate how the regions work. The countries I've used are just for discussion purposes, you can substitute any countries you want for this, but it's just to give you the general idea;


    Account from USA> Game From USA> DLC Code from USA redeemed on USA account > SUCCESS. Enjoy your DLC


    Account from USA > Prepaid Card from USA in US dollars > Prepaid USA Card redeemed on USA Account > SUCCESS. Enjoy your purchase


    Acount from UK> Game from USA> DLC Code from USA Redeemed on UK Account > STOP! Code cannot be redeemed. Code and Account are mismatched. Your DLC code will not work.


    Account from USA > Prepaid Card from UK in British pounds > Prepaid UK Card redeemed on USA Account > STOP! Prepaid card and account are mismatched. Your card will not work


    Account from USA> Game from UK> DLC Code from USA Redeemed on USA account> DLC downloaded> STOP! Game and DLC are mismatched. Your DLC will not work.