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07 Dec 2017
By: gpRYme

DISHONORED 2 Limited Edition --- Free Version of DIshonored Definitive

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Hey Guys/Gals, 

I just purchased Dishonored 2 Limited Edition which is advertised as including a digital copy of Dishonored Definitive Edition for free.  There was no code in the case, so I tried to check it out on the store, accidentally purchasing a copy by mistake.  Now I feel doubly screwed and super foolish.  Do I have any course of action as far as a refund or compensation goes?  Any help would really be appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

  • Unlikely.

    Contact customer support.

  • gkpama00 (Support MVP)

    You definitely won't get compensation for any missing code from a retail game.  You might receive a wallet credit for the game you purchased in the store, as a one-time-ever customer courtesy.  You would have to contact PlayStation customer support by phone, or live chat, to see if that is available to you.