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31 Oct 2017

Region Lock

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I bought Fallout 4 Game of The Year Edition in the philippines, I also bought my PS4 in the Philippines.

When I played it I could not access the DLC's because it says it is region locked.  What do I do to access it?

  • Akira_994 (Support MVP)

    What is the region of your account? 

    Also, check the Product ID code of the game (it can be found either on the disc or the case's sleeve, and begin with either "CUSA-" or "PLJM-".  Note that the code beginning with "CUSA" does not necessarily mean the game is the US-region version of the game.), and check it against this list to see which regional version of the game you have:


    Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition Release Information for PlayStation 4


    Note that the region of the game must match the region of your account, or you may have difficulty downloading/redeeming and using DLC meant for the game.


  • younginflavor18 (Support MVP)

    Greetings @Scythe_8252,


    To access the DLC, your PSN ID must be a Filipino one.