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06 Dec 2017

PS4 LAN Nat Type 3

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Hey, when my ps4 connects to the internet over wifi it has a nat type of 2, but when I plug it into the router with an ethernet cord it has a nat type of 3. Any ideas? I've tried a lot of different things with no success. I've tried rebuilding the ps4 database, unplugging the ps4 manually for a time, set up the internet in the ps4 manually with a static ip address for the ps4, activated upnp, activated dmz, opened up ports 1935, 3074, 3478-3480, 80, 443, 465, and 993. I'm not really sure what else i can do to fix this. Any advice?

  • TwinDad (Support MVP)

    Have you checked to see if there is an updated firmware for your router? It would likely be a router problem.