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06 Dec 2017

My Other Account Has Been Banned or Suspended for No Reason

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I just recently got a new modem, but when I logged into my previous PSN account through my PS3, I got this error message (and I didn't do a single thing wrong): Access to Sony Entertainment Network by this account has been banned or temporarily suspended. And I can't switch accounts because of this error.

  • Dead-Sync (Support MVP)

    Hi gamingcat,


    Bans or suspensions are always issued after a review of each case, so "no reason" bans/suspensions are virtually non-existant. This article goes over more information over bans and suspensions. Temporary suspensions will be lifted when the duration has finished, or when any owed funds are re-added (in the event the suspension is due to a chargeback). Bans are permanent and irreversable.


    You may be able to get more information by contacting customer support.