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07 Dec 2017

Download Issues.PLEASE HELP!

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So for some reason recently my downloads have been going extremely slow. I have no idea why. I test my connection and I have 50 down and 10 up. Nothing new same speeds i always get but the downloading games and patches have been so much slower lately. Downloading 2 GB patch use to take me 10min. Now its taking me anywhere between 30-45 min depending on whether or not the below method helps at all. 
I have tried to usual pause and restart download method and before that would help when i noticed speeds slowing down but for about the past month it hasnt done much to alleviate the issue. I have no download issues on my computer nor my phone(which i use wifi with might i add). So this has to be a PSN issue right?
Would like to state the only downloads that I mainly been having issues with are the Fortnight patches. Is it possible that specific game patches can download slower then others or should it all be the same.
Any help would be greatly appreciated in fixing this weird issue!

  • What router do you have? Are you connected via wireless or wired to it? Also if you are doing other things on your ps4 it will slow the download down.
  • No router just modem. Wired. And no nothing else running.