PlayStation Network Support
06 Dec 2017
By: Wyrd001

Cannot log into PS Network on my PS4.

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I got a PS4 a couple years ago, set up an account named Wyrd_One, played some games, everything worked fine.

I didn't play it for the last 2 years, but am expecting a Playstation VR system for my birthday this weekend.  I started getting things set back up, but I'm having a lot of issues getting into the PSN.

I don't have the email address I did back when I first set things up so I went online and created a new PSN account, Wyrd001, with my current email address.

When I turn on my PS4 it says Wyrd_One in the lower right corner.  All of the items along the top menu tell me to log into the Playstation network.  I can log into PSN with the new account, but part way through the setup steps afterward it just says "Error occured" and puts me back to the main menu.  If I try to log in again after that it says I cannot log in with someone else's account.  How can I get my PS4 to forget the old defunct Wyrd_one account and move it over to this new one?

  • You can delete the old user but nothing from that old account vwill transfer to your new account.

    You can create a new user to log in with your new account.

    You can contact customer support to try to recover your old account.

  • Contact PlayStation and give them the username and console serial number (in the back of the console) This should help you enough to get back into your account.