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05 Dec 2017
By: Eehanog

Transferring save date from PS4 with broken hdmi port

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The PS4 with the save data has a broken hdmi port, so it's functional but I can't see what I am doing on the screen. I wanted to transfer the data to another PS4, and I can't do it normally because I can't see on the PS4. Is there a way I can connect the hard drive to a computer, transfer the data over, and then transfer the data on the computer to a new PS4?

  • vfr_800_rider (Support MVP)

    No, you cannot connect your hard drive to a computer.  If you do you will likely destroy any chance you have of recovering the data.  Your best option is to boot up the console and work with a friend who can guide through which buttons to press.  Doing so very carefully may allow you to do a backup or upload your saved game files to cloud storage under a Plus subscription.  Of course, having a backup PRIOR to the component failing would have been a very smart idea.....
  • sam6862 (Support MVP)

    If old PS4 can still connect to internet, you don't need a working HDMI on old PS4. Most of it is done on new PS4. Turn on old PS4, and start "transfer from another PS4" in new PS4. The only thing you do on old PS4 is to hold down power button until a beep when the new PS4's transfer from another PS4 says to do so.


    If old PS4 cannot connect to internet, then you are kindof screwed and cannot do anything about a broken HDMI port, except maybe blindly going through menus by listening the sound of SPDIF to analog audio converter and RCA to 3.5mm if it has SPDIF.