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28 Mar 2016

PS4 won't turn on.

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I got a PS4 for Christmas. I don't always use it daily but randomly while watching Netflix it just off. Screen was pixilated for a few seconds and then nothing. I went to restart it and nohing happened. Jiggled all the cables and the tried turning it on, the blue light came on for a split second and then died again. This Playstation is only 3 monthes.... Also can't find anywhere to submit a support ticket. So any advice?

Thanks, Allen

  • gkpama00 (Support MVP)

    It is obviously a hardware problem, so it requires repair service to fix. You can submit a repair service request online here...



    or you can contact PlayStation customer support by phone, or live chat, to request repair service.  If you have the receipt for the console, then the repair may be covered under the PS4 factory limited warranty.


  • My PS4 was turning off after a few seconds. This helped my PS4. Good luck. See vid.