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30 Nov 2017
By: Unknown

PS4 Will not let me get an Open Nat for Call of Duty games

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I absolutely cannot get an Open Nat on my PS4 slim. I have tried everything, from port forwarding to as far as opening firewalls (which gave my xbox an open nat). Pls help, I just want to be able to host for my friends with ****** nats, and I know my internet is plenty good. Xfinity is who I have

  • TwinDad (Support MVP)

    The PS4 will only show open NAT if the IP is not private. The net you can get with a private IP is NAT2. Which is capabile of hosting.


    Make sure that your router has the latest firmware, and that you have uPNP turned on the router, and that the correct ports are forwarded if necessary.

  • @TwinDad I am moderate and do need an open to host a strict friend. Even with firewalls all disabled, I was moderate. Open on Xbox though.
  • gkpama00 (Support MVP)

    The XBox consoles use the terminology differently.  For PlayStation consoles Open NAT means no NAT at all.  Your console has to have a routable Internet address.  Most residential ISPs only give each customer one routable IP address, which is assigned to your broadband router.  The router uses NAT to share that one address with all of your devices by making your entire LAN appear to be one host with a lot of different users on it. To get open NAT, you have to connect your console directly to a broadband modem, without using a router.  No other device can connect to the network using the same modem.