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29 Nov 2017

Please Help Me! My PS4 Controllers Keep Mysteriously Breaking!

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As I mentioned in the title my Dual Shock 4 controllers keep mysteriously breaking. I have had 3 different controllers break within the last week for no apparent reason.

The first one was fine and then one day it got plugged into the PS4 to charge and started vibrating and would not stop. It doesn't matter what it is plugged into or what cable I use. The light won't turn on to indicate that it is charging. It just sits there and vibrates. I have tried to hit the reset button on the back or put it in pairing mode but nothing works.

The second one suddenly stopped pairing with my PS4 although it will still work with my PC. I can still put it in pairing mode but it won't respond to being plugged into the PS4 at all. Again I tried the reset button and different cables but it just flashes at me like it can't find the PS4.

Finally the third one just did the same thing! I used it this morning to watch Netflix, notice the controller died, plug it into my PS4, try to turn it back on, and the light flashes but nothing happens. Its a controller I have only had for less than a month. Now I'm stuck on the netflix menu with no way to change anything!

Please help me. I have googled and googled but can't find a solution to why this is happening.

  • gkpama00 (Support MVP)

    The controllers are not the problem. The problem is your console.  The Bluetooth networking hardware in the console is flakey.  The console needs repair service. You can create a repair service request online here...



    or you can contact PlayStation customer support by phone, or live chat, to request repair service.

  • TwinDad (Support MVP)

  • sam6862 (Support MVP)

    Try remote play, or with PS4 login in settings, automatic log in enabled try USB keyboard.

    PS4 Settings, Devices, Bluetooth, delete all non-green devices then press Share+PS button on controller.


    For CUH-ZCT2 controllers or newer.

    PS4 Settings, Devices, Controllers, Communications method, USB.


    Note that plugging into PC or older PS3 with USB cable always use USB communication for all controller models. PS4 safe mode always use USB communication, but doesn't do wireless pair in safe mode. It is only PS4 regular mode that only works on wireless for old CUH-ZCT1 controller all the time.


    If USB communication and remote play works but not wireless bluetooth, there might be excessive 2.4 GHz bluetooth interference, or bluetooth hardware on console or controller might be failing.