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06 Dec 2017

PlayStation stolen from my house

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I would like to know the serial number of my game

I think you have it and that gmail account is on the PlayStation

  • They will not provide you a serial number. Contact the police,  file a claim with your insurance, deactivate the console, change your password, and enable 2FA.


    Sorry for your loss.

  • You need to call support. The forum wont help directly in a case like this. 
  • davemcfly85 (Support MVP)

    support will not give it out as they expect the person who has the system to know it. 
  • Akira_994 (Support MVP)

    Well, it's more that the serial number is one of the details they use to help verify the owner of an account, and that's why they won't simply give it to anyone other than law enforcement under subpoena.
  • Im not saying you will get a serial number, I mean help in general. The advice in the forum is nothing official its from gamers like you. Also maybe you should do some reasearch and see for yourself how it went down for other people, look on the web, read old threads etc