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02 Dec 2017

PlayStation 4 Controller Issues

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My PlayStation 4 Controller Isn't Connecting i Looked EVERYWHERE ON HOW TO FIX IT! I Tried plugging in my keyboard and it worked i have bought a new controller today and it doesnt FREAKING CONNECT TO THE PS4 Edit:pls reply quickly

Another edit:my old controller stopped connecting 3days ago so i bought the new one and it didnt connect by usb it looked like it was charging but didnt connect

so i posted this!

  • Here you go. Hopefully this solves your issue.


  • Going To See If It works!

    Didn't Work :( 

    So Do I Buy Another Ps4 or Do you have another method?

    Might Be Kinda Late But my New Controller isn't being detected by my pc

  • Why isn’t My Controller Syncing to the Console?

    My controller is on and working, but it is not connected to the console

    Resolving the Issue by Resetting the Controller

    The controller might have a general malfunction. This can be resolved by resetting it.

    1. Turn off Playstation 4 console.

    2. Turn the DualShock 4 over and locate the reset button near the L2 button. (It should be a small hole to the left of a screw)

    3. Take an unfolded paper clip or a similar object and push it into the reset button hole so that it presses the button itself.

    4. Hold the button down for about 10 seconds and then release.

    5. Now that the controller is reset, connect the controller and console by taking a USB cable and attaching it to the appropriate ports.

    6. Turn on the Playstation 4 console and press the PS button on the controller in order to login to the PS4.

    7. If the PS button is unresponsive, try a different USB port on the console.

  • Well i Kinda Broke All of The Orignal Ps4 Usb's so guess i have to buy one?

    The Other Usb's Don't work

    it stopped working today The Usbs


  • I had exact same problem.  I have 3 controllers. They all looked to be charging fine. But would just no longer sync.  I had tried 7 different usb cables. Some of which use to work fine. Now of them worked.  I had just purchased a new device yesterday that had the exact same type of usb cable.  And it works. I'm now able to use all 3 of my controllers now.  

    So either grab all compatible ish cables in your house and try them. Or just go buy a new usb cable



  • typical ps4 bug.. it's a hardware brik if you cant get it back whit all the software "fix" they come whit!

    Glad im form norway here we have 5 warranty! And i have used it for this... And for hdmi that sucks also power supplys and Bluray drive problems.. Its worce than the ps3 had bugs,,, And that was a bad EGG LOL... Many can fix the hardware problem for you for cheap.. I do repears on thise whit no warranty where the last owner tried to fix LOL omg dont try even open it... Get someone that can the job do it... and you get a new warranty form them.. Some have a sony licens too like me.

  • sam6862 (Support MVP)

    Need to narrow down which one is the problem. Does DualShock 4 work on a computer or work in PS4 safe mode?


    If yes: Bluetooth might have failed, which may make controller only work in PS4 safe mode.

    ..1. (Dualshock 4 CUH-ZCT2 model or newer only) With remote play or USB keyboard with automatic log in, Try communication method, USB.

    ..2. Buy a third party wired-only PS4 compatible controller.

    ..3. Use PS4 warranty if you have one.


    if no: USB cable or port on controller or console might be broken. Go to PS4 Settings, Devices, Bluetooth, remove all devices that isn't green. Hold down Share+PS button.