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25 Nov 2017
By: LOSO1095

My PS4 slim shut off and won't turn back on

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I had just bought a brand new ps4 slim yesterday on black fridya...came home started installing call of duty ww2 and my PS4 just shut off out of no where and won't turn back on at doesn't give me a beep sound or nothin ..what should I do ?

  • Box9Missingo (Support MVP)

    Try vacuuming out for dust in regards to the vents with a hose. And then try fostermacation's suggestion


     It may help you as it helped me when my PS4 wouldn't turn on. Unplug all cords to your PS4 and I mean all cords, wait 10 seconds and press the ps power button on your PS4 which you should hear 1 beep. Plug back in and turn it on try this!


    I had something like this happen to me and that fixed it for me doing this!



    What you're mentioning sounds like it might be an issue with the system's power supply. Do you still have the receipt for it to try to get a refund if you aren't able to send it in for repair?